Assingment 3

So yes prac is over, and yes we have finally submitted our other two assignment but OH HELLO we still have our last ICT assignment, and of course I did not follow through with completing the context during prac like I thought I would. So here I am Friday morning seeing what actually needs to be done for the assignment and deciding how much of a weekend I am actually going to have.

My most recent learning journal stated this:

umber: 0061061780
Name: Stevens, Maggie
Result: 4 out of 5

* You have completed 64.0% of the learning path activities for weeks 9, 10, 11 and 15.
More than 50% but less than 75% of activities complete means 2/5 marks.
* Your average post length was 165.6 words. Calculated by the total word count of all your posts divided by the number of posts.
An average length greater than 100 words gives 5/5 marks.
* 100.0% of your posts contained links.
More than 60% of posts with links means 5/5 marks.
* You had 7 posts with links to other student blogs.
More than 2 posts with link(s) to other student blogs means 5/5 marks.
* You had an average of 2.2 posts per week. Calculated by your total number of posts (9) divided by 4 weeks.
2 posts per week means 3/5 marks

I agree with Maddy that these have been really helpful in staying on top of everything


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