Planning for assessment

At this point in our degree we really have no had to think that far past one lesson plan rather a whole unit and assessment RUBRICs. Yes I’m talking about assignment two and how yet again I’ve left an assignment until pretty last minute. At the stage I think I know what I have to do but there just seems to be so many steps in getting the finished product of assignment two.

So from what I’ve gathered a successful unit plan of work must have:

  • Alignment of curriculum, assessment and pedagogy;
  • Use of a Learning Area syllabus from the Australian Curriculum and the supporting Standards Elaborations from QCAA (as these documents are available online all students will be expected to use these documents);Check this page for details on what curriculum you may use.
  • Development of sequential learning experiences; and
  • Underpinning of teaching strategies with an ICT approach that aligns to the ICT General Capabilities for the selected Learning Area.

Jess Packer has an excellent blog on this topic called “Incorporating ICT in lessons and assignments”.


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